Takuminowaza Kitchen Scissors

Green Bell

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Takuminowaza Kitchen Scissors that allow you to easily chop green onions and cut meat without the need for a cutting board.It features an extra-long blade length, allowing you to cut a large quantity at once. The serrated edge ensures stable and non-slip cutting, making it useful when handling slippery ingredients like crabs and fish.The blades can be disassembled for easy cleaning, especially the critical parts prone to accumulating dirt. It is also dishwasher safe.The scissors are designed with double-hook holes to prevent them from falling when hung for storage.The handle is designed with a curved shape, allowing it to stay elevated even when placed on a flat surface, making it easy to pick up. Please note that this design is suitable for right-handed users.

    • Size: Approximately 22.8cm in length
    • Weight: Approximately 114g Dishwasher safe
    • Material:Blade: Stainless steel blade,Handle: Elastomer
    • Manufacturers: (Made in Japan)