Shiseido Snow Beauty 2024 Brightening Skin Care Powder


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24 Hours Medicated Skin Care Powder - Snow Star Haute Couture

Step into Snow Beauty Wonderland, where the tale unfolds amidst the serene Mt. Snow. Adorned with snowflake sequins, the organza descends like the curtain of night, sparkling in the star-filled sky. Listen to the whispers of the "tailor" snow fairies, signaling the start of a magical journey.


  • Whitening Care & Transparency Improvement: Enhances skin brightness and transparency with makeup effects.
  • Medicated Whitening Skin Care: Ideal for morning makeup application, daytime touch-ups, and nighttime skincare.
  • Active Whitening Ingredient: Contains 4MSK (4-methoxysalicylic acid potassium salt) to suppress melanin production and prevent spots and freckles.
  • Fragrance: Gentle and pleasant floral aroma.

How to Use
Day: As a Finishing Powder

  • Preparation: After applying toner, lotion, or makeup base, or as a finishing touch for foundation.
  • Combination: Use it with a makeup base or foundation with UV protection.
  • Application: Use the "Smooth Fit Puff" (thin puff) or your own puff to take an appropriate amount of powder. Gently smooth it over your entire face.
  • Touch-ups: When touching up, press excess oil with a tissue before applying the powder.

Night: As a Nighttime Skincare Powder

  • Preparation: After applying toner, lotion, or cream to your skin.
  • Application: Use the "Soft Smooth Puff" (thick puff) or your own puff to take an appropriate amount of powder. Gently apply it to your entire face, smoothing it gently afterward.
  • Contents:25g
  • Ingredients:4-Methoxysalicylic acid potassium salt*, stearyl glycyrrhetinate*, rose extract, shea butter, sodium acetylated hyaluronate, magnesium myristate, concentrated glycerin, talc, sericite, alkyl polyacrylate, methylpolysiloxane, glass powder, Nε-lauroyl-L-lysine, stearoxymethylpolysiloxane, neopentyl glycol dicaprate, calcium stearate, magnesium stearate, nylon powder, bisbutyldimethicone polyglyceryl-3, sorbitan sesquiisostearate, crosslinked silicone/network silicone block copolymer, silicic anhydride, chlorphenesin, 1,3-butylene glycol, distearyl dimethyl ammonium chloride, synthetic sodium and magnesium silicate, d-δ-tocopherol, methylhydrogenpolysiloxane, aluminum oxide, fragrance, synthetic phlogopite, barium sulfate, yellow iron oxide, red iron oxide, titanium dioxide, titanium dioxide-coated mica, black iron oxide * indicates "active ingredient" No indication indicates "other ingredients" <M111453-203>

  • Manufacturers: Shiseido(Made in Japan)

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