Shimane Shinku Grape Gummy40g


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The Nippon Ale brand, with the catchphrase "Born in Japan, Raised in Japan." It is a series of gummy candies that use characteristic ingredients from each prefecture. This particular variety features the use of juice from Shimane Prefecture's Shinku grapes "Shinku" it is a premium brand that sets strict criteria for sweetness, color, and other factors. The top-grade fruits, sold as fresh produce, come from a limited annual production of a rare variety.Even for the second-grade fruits, only those that meet rigorous conditions are allowed to bear the name "Shinku."Experience the aromatic and delightful flavor of Shinku.

  • Contents:40g 
  • Ingredients:Corn syrup (domestically produced), sugar (domestically produced), gelatin, reduced corn syrup, grape juice (Divine Crimson from Shimane Prefecture), powdered oblate, acidulants, gelling agent (pectin), glazing agents, flavorings, colorants (red radish, red cabbage, gardenia), emulsifier.
  • Manufacturers:ZEN-NOH FoodsMade in Japan