Pigeon Baby Nail Clipper with Splatter Proof Case 9 Months~


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Difficult to cut too deep, with small and flat blade tips!
  • The size of the blade tips has been made small and flat to match the small nails of children, allowing for better visibility of the nail tip and enabling easy and comfortable cutting.
  • The handle is designed in a size that is easy for mothers and fathers to hold, providing a stable grip.
  • It comes with a cap to protect the blade tips when not in use.
  • Includes a case to prevent nail clippings from scattering. 
  • Suitable for use from approximately 9 months onwards.
[Care Instructions]
  • After use, please wipe off dirt with tissue paper or a cloth.
  • Storing with moisture or dirt may cause rust.
  • This product is a lever-type nail clipper intended for cutting nails at home. Please avoid using it for other purposes.
  • When using, please be careful not to hurt your fingers.
  • For safety, store it out of reach of children. Also, avoid storing it in places where it may fall or cause accidents.
  • Contents: 30g
  • Material・Ingredients:Blade: Chrome-plated Carbon Steel, Handle: ABS Resin Case: ABS Resin, Cap: Polypropylene
  • Manufacturers:PigeonMade in Japan)