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Hello Kitty and Millet-chan are now friends!
This biscuit that every resident of Kochi Prefecture knows. Mire Biscuits, enjoyed by grandparents, parents, and children alike, have gained fame as a beloved and sincere treat. Made with 100% natural sea salt, these biscuits offer a delightful crispy texture and a rich, toasted flavor that is simply irresistible. They possess a rustic charm that becomes addictive with each bite.
The timeless taste and quality of Mire Biscuits will remind you of the essence of traditional treats, bringing back cherished memories. Join Hello Kitty and Mire-chan in savoring the authentic and unforgettable experience of these biscuits!

  • Contents:100g
  • Ingredients:Biscuit dough (Wheat flour, Sugar, Shortening, Glucose, Salt), Vegetable oil, Salt, Leavening agent, Emulsifier (Soy-derived) (Contains soybeans as a part of the ingredients)
  • Allergens:Wheat, soybean
  • Storage:Please store away from direct sunlight and high temperatures or humidity.
  • Best before date:210days from the manufacturing date.
  • Manufacturers:NomuraMade in Japan