Mushuda Moth Repeller Mildew Remover For Closet Soap Flavor 3Pcs


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This product effectively protect your valuable garments from insects. The insect-repellent component provides a stable effect for approximately 1 year, keeping your precious clothes safe from pests. It can be used with confidence on cashmere and wool.
● Enjoy a gentle, fresh scent. Experience a clean and refreshing scent, reminiscent of freshly laundered clothes, as it softly permeates your closet.
● Deodorize trapped odors. The scent effectively eliminates any trapped odors in your closet through a pairing effect.
● Safeguard your storage space from mites. Helps deter mites from inhabiting your storage space. (Note: This product does not specifically target dust mites or house mites.)
● Convenient replacement indicator. When the word "おわり" (end) becomes clearly visible in the window below the product logo, it indicates that it's time to replace it.
● Can be used together with other pest control products.
● Safe to use on fur, garments with gold or silver threads, and buttons (made of metal or plastic).
● Mild soap fragrance: A delightful blend of elegant floral and refreshing aqua, creating a sense of cleanliness.

【Target Pests】

  • Insect-repellent effectiveness against clothes pests: Clothes moth, Case-bearing clothes moth, Tinea pellionella, Tinea translucens
  • Mite-repellent effectiveness for storage space: Indoor dust mites

Expiration date】1 year after start of use*Effectiveness may vary depending on temperature, storage space, and usage conditions. (To ensure peace of mind, it is recommended to replace every year regardless of the "end" indicator.)

【How to use】 ★Before storing clothes: *To prevent damage by pests and mold, please confirm the following:

  • Thoroughly clean the clothes.
  • Ensure that the clothes are completely dry.
  • Take out the product from the bag and hang it at equal intervals, keeping it slightly away from the closet walls and pipes. (Note: It may cause peeling or discoloration if used on painted surfaces.)
・Use the amount indicated on the package.
・Use in a tightly sealed storage space.
・Ventilate the room when changing clothes.
・Keep out of reach of children.
・Do not ingest. In case of ingestion, consult a doctor.
・Keep this package for handling incidents such as accidental ingestion.
・Do not use for purposes other than intended. (The antifungal effect is effective only when used for clothes pest control.)
・Dispose of according to local waste disposal regulations after use.
・Follow the usage precautions and store your clothes carefully.
*When used in conjunction with a dehumidifier (Dry Pet), it provides insect-repellent, antifungal, and dehumidifying effects to protect your precious clothes.
  • Storage:Store in a sealed container in a cool place away from direct sunlight.
  • Material・Ingredients:Profenofos (insect-repellent component), Isothiazolinone-based antifungal agent, Fragrance
  • Manufacturers:S.T. CORPORATION(Made in Japan