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The Nippon Ale brand, with the catchphrase "Born in Japan, Raised in Japan." It is a series of gummy candies that use characteristic ingredients from each prefecture. This particular variety features the use of puree from Kyoto Tango Melon (also known as Earl's Melon). Kyotango City faces the sea, and it is also a place where you can find delicious fruits. One can cultivate melon from early summer through autumn. Kyotango melons are considered a top quality melon, cultivated in Kyotango City. The melon is grown in an environment where the climate and temperature is most suitable for this fruit, especially the excellent drainage is, and the abundance of sunshine that it receives. Each melon is grown carefully under strict quality management in order to produce the perfect melons both in appearance and in taste. The sweet and mellow fragrance of the fruit are the features of the Kyotango Melon.Experience the rich sweetness and aromatic flavor of Tango Melon.

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  • Contents:40g

  • Ingredients:Corn syrup (domestically produced), sugar (domestically produced), reduced corn syrup, gelatin, melon puree (Earl's Melon from Kyoto Tango City, Kyoto Prefecture), powdered oblate, acidulants, gelling agent (pectin), glazing agents, flavorings, colorants (safflower yellow, red yeast rice, gardenia), emulsifier.

  • Manufacturers:ZEN-NOH Foods(Made in Japan)