Kagoshima Daimasaki & Beni-Amanatsu Gummy 40g


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The Nippon Ale brand, with the catchphrase "Born in Japan, Raised in Japan.It is a series of gummy candies that use characteristic ingredients from each prefecture.This particular variety features the use of juice from Kagoshima Prefecture's Daimasaki and Beni-amanatsu (It is characterized by a deeper "red" color compared to the conventional Citrus, a unique aroma, and an excellent balance of sweetness and acidity)citrus fruits.Experience the rich flavor of Daimasaki combined with the refreshing sweetness of Beni-amanatsu.

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  • Contents:40g 
  • Ingredients:Sugar (domestically produced), corn syrup (domestically produced), gelatin, reduced corn syrup, citrus juice (Daishokun from Kagoshima Prefecture, Beni-Amanatsu from Kagoshima Prefecture), powdered oblate, acidulants, gelling agent (pectin), glazing agents, flavorings, paprika colorant, emulsifier, cassia extract.
  • Manufacturers: ZEN-NOH Foods(Made in japan)