Delicious Low Carb Soba 180g Pack of 4

Johoku Menko

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This is achieved a 50% reduction in carbohydrates while still delivering a delicious soba experience! With a rich content of dietary fiber and protein, it's a delightful choice. Through our unique blend, we have managed to maintain the authentic "soba" flavor while reducing the carbohydrate content by 50%.
Moreover, each serving (90g) contains 28.1g of dietary fiber, allowing you to easily meet your daily fiber intake goals.also incorporated an abundant amount of protein, which is often lacking in the modern diet. Each serving (90g) contains 9.7g of protein, covering approximately 15-20% of your daily protein needs. It can be stored at room temperature and cooks in approximately 7 minutes, making it extremely convenient and easy to prepare. With its delicious taste and nutritional benefits, this product allows you to enjoy soba while maintaining a reduced carbohydrate intake.   

  • Contents:180g
  • Ingredients:Buckwheat flour (domestically produced), wheat protein/processed starch, thickening agent (viscosity-enhancing polysaccharides, alginate ester), acidity regulator.
  • Best before date:365day Please refer to the best before date on the packing.
  • Manufacturers:Johoku MenkoMade in Japan)