Bunmeido Ginza Pudding


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20 years since its release, the pudding from Bunmeido has been beloved by many. Made with Hokkaido milk, fresh cream, and eggs known for their refreshing aftertaste, we have created a pudding with a gentle and delightful flavor.It comes in a slightly larger, satisfying size. You can enhance the experience by adding the accompanying caramel sauce according to your preference.

  • Contents: 123g (Pudding 115g, Caramel Sauce 8g)
  • Ingredients:Pudding: Sweetened whole eggs (domestically produced), milk (domestically produced), sugar, dairy products, cream, liquor, gelling agents (modified starch, thickening polysaccharides), emulsifier (soy-derived), flavorings, pH adjusters, coloring agent (caramel). Caramel Sauce: Caramel syrup (sugar).
  • Allergens: Contains eggs, milk ingredients, and soy.
  • Storage : Store away from direct sunlight, high temperatures, and humidity.
  • Best before date: 180 days from the manufacturing date.
  • Manufacturers:Bunmeido(Made in Japan