PEANUTS Snoopy Nail Clippers


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サイズ: Comic (M)
Olaf & Snoopy (M)
Comic (M)
Olaf & Snoopy (S)
Charlie Brown & Snoopy(S)

Introducing a cute new addition to the highly popular [PEANUTS/SNOOPY] merchandise! This is a classic favorite - a nail clipper. It comes with a nail catch case to prevent clipped nails from flying around. Skilled artisans individually sharpen each blade, ensuring a long-lasting, sharp cutting edge. There's also a file on the back of the lever for perfect finishing touches.

  • Size: (M)18x85x18mm   (S)71×17×16mm
  • Material・Ingredients: Special quenched carbon material / Chrome-plated finish / Forged iron / Acrylic / Polypropylene resin
  • Manufacturers: T’S FACTORY(Made in Japan)