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Delight in the Flavorsome and Aromatic Matcha Soba That Even Makes the Soba-yu Delicious.Made with 50% stone-ground soba flour and stone-ground Uji matcha.
Crafted with a blend that closely resembles the offerings of renowned soba establishments, using 50% soba flour and no added salt.
Made with 100% stone-ground Uji matcha from Kyoto.
By enjoying the soba-yu (the water used to cook soba) as well, you can fully appreciate and consume the nutrients present in the soba without any waste.

How to enjoy
① Please prepare approximately 1 liter of boiling water for each serving of noodles. Add the noodles gently and boil for 5 minutes.

② Once the noodles are cooked, use chopsticks to remove only the soba noodles and strain them.
③ Rinse the strained soba noodles thoroughly with water, drain, and transfer them to a serving bowl. Enjoy them with your preferred soba dipping sauce and condiments.
④ If desired, heat a small amount of the remaining soba cooking water in a pot and pour it into a teapot or a small cup for drinking.
*If you prefer to eat the soba noodles warm, transfer the cooked noodles to a bowl after boiling for 4 minutes, then pour warm soba dipping sauce separately over the noodles before eating.

  • Contents:180g
  • Ingredients:Domestic-made Soba Flour, Wheat Flour, Matcha (Produced in Kyoto), Wheat Protein
  • Allergens:Wheat、Soba
  • Storage:Room temperature
  • Best before date:270day Please refer to the best before date on the packing. 
  • Manufacturers:HakubakuMade in Japan)